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mercredi 30 juillet 2014

Attempt to combine the elusive colours of kitchen units and still-packaged oven

L'étang à Guern

jeudi 24 juillet 2014

Posh new tap ...

... in the downstairs cloakroom.

mercredi 23 juillet 2014


Some good soups coming up

Summer afternoon

Tiling in progress

Bye bye, beige.

Over towards the new downstairs cloakroom

I've been busy painting the door and window

Bye bye, brown.

mardi 22 juillet 2014

Dangling electrics ... for now

All the electrics and plumbing will be replaces and re-routed.

Fridge and washing machine in temporary places

Looking at the corner where the oven will be

A larger space!

Protective covers in place

Walls coming down

New spaces

lundi 21 juillet 2014

Creating the space for the new kitchen project

Walls to be demolished tomorrow

Leaving the sink and cooker in place for now

Furniture removed ...

... and on its way to Emmaus later on.

mercredi 16 juillet 2014

Just arrived ... gas hob on glass base

I've never had a dishwasher before

My dream green oven

I loved the colour when I saw it online, but couldn't justify the extra cost. then later, in the sales, the price was reduced by 51%!

Nature dog

samedi 12 juillet 2014

The kitchen units I've orderd ...

... with the black worktops, too.

... and this is the colour of the worktop for the central island

vendredi 11 juillet 2014


Sky darker than the land

I like it that way!

Dog, heading off

jeudi 10 juillet 2014

Over the canal at Pontivy



lundi 7 juillet 2014




Malguénac in the distance



Pity about the date stamp.


Through the window

De l'avoine


dimanche 6 juillet 2014

Solitary cow

I wonder why.

mardi 1 juillet 2014

Small glass object

Peaches in a spiky glass bowl

Glass bowl

in a glass bowl

Glass object

Nectarines in a swirly bowl



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