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samedi 31 décembre 2005

Lorient, a city of concrete

The birth and destruction of a city.
Lorient was created in 1666 and destroyed in 1943. Its creation stemmed from the purchase of land by the Compagnie des Indes in order to build a port for trade with the east (l'orient').
In 1943 Lorient was bombed by British allies to destroy the German submarine bases. Five weeks of bombing required twenty-five years of re-building.
And to achieve this as quickly as possible, the buildings are mainly constructed using concrete.

The Australian Celtic connection

Année de l'Australie
du 28 Juillet au 06 Aout 2006
Amongst the so-called 'English' settlers, many were Irish, Scottish and Welsh.

Librairie Privat, Lorient

As everyone knows, 'librairie' and 'bibliotheque' are false friends to English speakers, meaning, respectively, 'bookshop' and 'library'.

Librairie "L'Imaginaire",Lorient

Anyone got a pen?

Shop windows, Lorient

Shop windows, Lorient

Boulangerie Patisserie

Houses in Lorient

Co-op Breizh, Lorient

vendredi 30 décembre 2005

Celtic bar, Lorient

Though Pays de Galles should be translated as 'Cymru', and not the English 'Wales'.

Colour-co-ordinated 2CV

Le port, Lorient

Bike on board

Le port, Lorient

Le port, Lorient

Meilleurs voeux de Lorient

Norbert Métairie
hag ar C'huzul-kêr
a ginnig deoc'h o gwellan betou.

Terminal ferries du Naye, Saint-Malo

8.30am on Christmas Eve, and just becoming light. Meeting an overnight passenger from Portsmouth.


Brittany Ferries freight desk

Escape routes

Terminal du Naye, Saint-Malo

Hire your car here

Terminal du Naye, Saint-Malo


Terminal du Naye, Saint-Malo

Terminal du Naye, Saint-Malo

Joyeux Noel!

jeudi 29 décembre 2005

Port du Naye, Saint-Malo

This overnight foot-passenger thought he'd have a better chance of getting to sleep on a reclining chair with some alcoholic assistance.
And this is what he looked like in the morning.

Intra-muros, Saint-Malo

Intra-muros, Saint-Malo

Intra-muros, Saint-Malo

Yves Rocher 40% reductions!

Intra-muros, Saint-Malo


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